The Alteria Trading Company

We Are Under Siege

September 30th, 2022

We, the Alteria Trading Company, have been put into a siege.

The agency, throughout all of our forts, controls our funds, restricts our movement and attacks our employees.

This has been happening ever since the disappearance of Ellie, the Israeli keeper, and Avi, her interviewee.

Neither us nor the agency have located them, an impressive feat that could only mean Avi and Ellie discovered something no one knows exists. A careful listen to Avi's podcast, "Keepers of Alteria", hints this true.

We hereby announce a competition. The first person to listen to Keepers of Alteria, identify Avi's hint and confirm our theory, will receive a US$200 Amazon gift card, a convenient way for us to transfer funds at this time.

If no one will find the hint by December 31st at 23:39 GMT, the reward will be given to the closest entry.

The agency's will to stay in the shadows limits their hold on us, for which we are thankful, and won't let go to waste.

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